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Ich freue mich sehr über ihr Interesse an meinem Blog und über mögliche gemeinsame Kooperationen.

I appreciate your interest in my blog and I am looking forward to possible future cooperations.
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My accounts:
Informationen über Follower:
Information about followers
Land/ country: 1. Germany (70,41%), 2. USA (7,01%), Others  (CHN, RU, GB, AUT, IT, KOR, PL)
Alter/ Age: 18-24 (78,24%), 24-34 (21,76%)
Geschlecht/ Gender: Female (81,23%), Male (18,77%)
Interessen/ Interests:
  • Beauty Products & Services/ Makeup & Cosmetics/ Hair Care Products/ Fitness/ Face & Body Care
  • Apparel & Accessories/ Women’s Apparel/ Shoes/ Shopping
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
Bei Interesse kontaktieren sie mich unter
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